If you have pottery that you made at home, in class, or anywhere else and would like it fired in my kiln, Boropot offers bisque firing and high In Gdansk services.

- Turnaround time depends on your current schedule, but is usually 3-7 days

- The work must be completely dry

- A necessary condition for the work to be accepted for firing is to present the manufacturer's technical data on the firing temperature range for clays, engobes and glazes. Masses and glazes made by the customer themselves will not be accepted for firing.

- DO NOT FIRE: items stuffed with paper, metal or any other material other than ceramic

Please note: kilns will be loaded and unloaded by Boropot technicians only.

Prices for firing in an electric kiln with a capacity of 50 l :

The entire kiln is at your disposal.

- firing up to 1000°C - 82,00 zł brutto,

- firing to 1100°C* - 110,00 zł brutto

- firing to 1250°C* - 130.00 zł brutto

All glazed items intended for high firing will be fired on pads. Pads are available in the studio, but I recommend that if the forms require it, you should get your own pads.. The cost of a damaged pad borrowed from the studio is 5 PLN each.

Please do not glaze works in the contact area with the kiln shelf! The cost of unglazing an object or the necessity to "clean" it in the place of contact with the kiln shelf is 5 zł per piece. If the shelf is dirty with glaze we add the cost of cleaning service - 50,00 zł brutto for cleaning one shelf.

Artworks not collected within a month of firing become the property of Boropot studio.